This summer has been a blessing to me, because I have been able to spend a lot of time on the beach with my family. Sitting there in my beach chair looking out at the surf I am reminded of the story of the starfish. The story goes that a little boy and his mother took a stroll on the beach and when they got close to the water they saw thousands of starfish washed up all up and down the shoreline. The little boy ran ahead with excitement and then soon began to look sad and started picking them up one by one and throwing them back into the ocean. He was afraid that the sun would dry them out and they would soon die. The mother realizing what he was doing looked around and saw an amount of starfish which seemed endless to her. She ran up to him and said, “son, I understand what you are trying to do, but there are too many starfish you can’t possibly make a difference !” To which he retorted, as he threw one back in the ocean, “well……. I made a difference for this one!!”  The boy then picked up another and another, throwing each one back into the water, saying over and over, “I made a difference for this one” and on he continued.

I believe there is a lesson to be learned in this story.  We never know who we are making a difference to and we are not supposed to know. What we are supposed to do is believe with faith that we ARE making a difference.


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