The Invitation

I’m sharing this story to impress upon you the importance of reaching out to others,to not hesitate and to invite. It’s by your invitation to others that changes their lives. Suzy was robbed of her childhood at a very early age by a molester that was close to her family. He convinced her that he loved her and it was okay, but don’t tell anyone. Years later, when she was nine years old she wanted more from him, she wanted to spend time with him in public as they did in private (well not exactly how they did in private), but openly. He for obvious reasons talked his way out of that and she was hurt and confused by his rejection. She tried to diffuse her pain by cutting herself. This cutting continued until she became sexually active with boys her own age. She then found herself pregnant at thirteen.

She hid her pregnancy from her parents and secretly had an abortion. This abortion caused in her, as it does so many other women, a spiral of self-medicating by abusing drugs and alcohol. As she shared with me, she’s tried it all, but never used a needle. As she entered her adult years, she met a man fell in love and had a baby girl. This calmed her down a bit, but she soon separated from the father of her child and eventually moved in with another man she fell in love with. At her job she met a woman that she became friendly with. Suzy shared her past with this woman, who asked her, if she still felt bad about her abortion, because she works at a pregnancy crisis center and could help her. Suzy said it has been sixteen years, I think I’m okay, to which the woman replied, well, come anyway we are faith based and you can join me in our scripture study. This invitation that Suzy accepted changed her life. She drove a long distance to go and while there the scriptures spoke to her heart and she found herself going through the steps of healing from her abortion. She wrote a letter to her unborn child and her whole world began to change.

Overtime she began to heal from her past. She became stronger and she felt God convicting her heart in every area of her life. She amazingly found herself at her abusers front door. Confronting him on how he led her down the path of destruction and her concern for his children’s safety. She then asked her live in lover to leave her house, because she did not want to live in sin any longer. He of course thought she was crazy and went to her church to ask what they had done to her. When he found out that she was not crazy and the church supported her, he married her, though they soon divorced.

Suzy began to repair herself from the choices that she made in the past and started to make right choices. She began to lead a youth group at her church and would frequently give her witness to young people; she helped the pastor as a youth leader correct and counseled young women at a pregnancy crisis center.  She has completely transformed her life into a disciple of Christ and she continues to move forward in a positive direction. She has remarried to a man filled with strong faith and family values. They together are raising their combined children of five and are extremely happy. She is always ready to move through the door God has opened for her to lead others closer to him.

If this woman had not entered her life with an invitation, Suzy may not be the incredible, healed woman she is today. You never know how you are going to touch another’s life for the better, but you must believe that you will and then that person will touch others as we see in Suzy’s story. Never hold back, for you never know when or how God is going to use you.

Psalm 51:10-12 

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.



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  1. My God, what an inspiring story today. Healing gifts from out of the blue…sent in the kind and loving form of an invitation to seek God from a friend, a neighbor, or an acquiantance. Suddenly, we are on the correct spiritual path. Poof, they are gone, and we now understand our coincidental encounter with them. Gratitude to all those who have been on my healing path, and for this enlightening BLOG from Dawn. Channeling Grace….in our lives.


  2. Nicely said Caracares. Gods works are truly amazing.


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