Holy water is a powerful sacramental that we often overlook. We tend to disregard its benefits. When I do remember to use it, amazing things happen and then I chide myself for not using it more often. One day I had a man call me for a meeting. He was very angry and upset about some changes we had asked him to make. He demanded to come down and speak to me immediately in person. I knew this meeting was not going start out well, so I began to pray, I pulled a second chair up next to mine, so that we could face each other comfortably. I sprinkled holy water on the chairs, all over my office and the entry way of the door. To my shocking surprise when he arrived, he would not enter my office and spoke to me from the entrance. He never stepped foot over the threshold. I invited him several times to come in and sit with me and he insisted that he was fine where he was and he stood there speaking to me for about 30 minutes. That’s a long time. The meeting that started out with hostility ended with peace and smiles…….the power of the holy water.

Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the renowned chief exorcist of Rome shares this;

Blessed holy water is a sacramental and if used with faith, are greatly beneficial. It’s widely used in liturgical rites and immediately reminds us of baptism. During the prayer of blessing with exorcised water we ask the Lord that, through aspiration with water, he will grant us the following three benefits; forgiveness of sins, defense from the wickedness of the evil one, and the gift of divine protection. Besides delivering from the demons, such as healing from illness, it also increases divine graces and protects houses, and all the dwellings in which the faithful live from every evil influence caused by the wickedness of Satan. The Ritual also lists protection against every insidiousness of the infernal enemy and from every presence that could be harmful to the well-being or the peace of anyone living on the premises, granting them health and serenity.   

The other night I had trouble sleeping, I just couldn’t rest my thoughts. I was feeling consumed by them and in a negative way, so I decided to get my holy water. I said a prayer and doused myself, my bed and my room with it and I tell you, almost instantly I was released from whatever was gripping me and I rested in peace and fell asleep.

A friend of mine lived in an apartment above a disturbed family. This family caused a lot of trouble and disturbed her spirit. She decided to sprinkle holy water all over the hallway and door knob every day and in a short time the family moved out.

Years ago, I was praying with a team at a healing mass. A woman approached us, who had been dabbling in the occult and Ouija board. As we prayed over her, she began to moan and groan in a deep masculine voice, she fell to the ground and started to wreath around as though she were in pain. She began to foam a gray liquid from her mouth. The priest grabbed some holy water and it wasn’t until he doused her with it, that she became free.  Now, I know these stories sound superstitious and hard to believe, but they are true experiences and the value of holy water is immeasurable. I recommend that the next time you feel a situation would benefit from the use of it, do so, and watch as I have, amazing things begin to happen, all you need is faith. 


For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.



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  2. Very very powerful !!


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