Human Trafficing

There are unbelievable things going on in the world right now, and every person needs to know and be educated about it. Have you seen the movie with Liam Neeson titled “taken”? This movie depicts a serious truth in our world today. For instance, currently, there are 27 million people sold into slavery in the world. 14,500 slaves are trafficked in the US and I don’t even want to know the number of those trafficked outside of the US. $90 dollars is the average cost of human slavery around the world and 50% of them are CHILDREN!! You may be wondering what they are sold for? The three main uses of human slavery are LABOR, SEXUAL, & ORGAN EXPLOITATION.


A couple of months ago, my neighbors invited me to a fundraiser for a  non-profit organization that is Christian based, and helps aid woman with unexpected pregnancies choose life as opposed to abortion. There were many speakers that night and out of them all, there was one, which touched my heart in an unexpected way. Her prayers and expression of compassion with these women were unmatched. Her testimonies gave me goose bumps and brought my soul to attention. I was later informed that this woman as a teenager worked in Seaside Heights, NJ. Her boss invited her to a party which she graciously accepted. However, when she arrived, the party ended for her. They tied her up, injected her with a drug, and sold her into human slavery. She lived her young life with torment, fear, and despair. Throughout this horrifying ordeal she never lost hope or faith in God.

Years later, I believe, Divine providence interjected an opportunity for her to escape her abusers. She took it and even though they searched tirelessly for her, when they found her, they threatened her and her family to horrible deaths. She survived and lives today to tell her story and works to positively change the lives of many women.


Today, I was in Manhattan for a regional Franciscan gathering, and we had a speaker Sr. Lilliana Alam, FMM. She shared with us her experience of combating human trafficking. She gave us personal inside information and her experience. This presentation informed us, and disturbed our spirits enough to take action. My action is educating you to “look beneath the surface” of your world. When you see something amiss inform the authorities. You would be surprised of what your eyes will notice when you take notice. Many immigrants fall victim to this evil prey. They are desperate for a better life and are easily seduced by the promises of a better life for their children and innocently hand them over to them. The most susceptible victims are woman, children and ethnic minorities.

What can we do?  The laws need to change and we as a society need to be more aware and educated to this serious problem. Remember when you purchase items, including certain foods, if the bargain is unbelievable, there may be a reason behind it. Look beneath the surface and when you see something suspicious in a company, business or family, report it to the authorities, and stop the injustice in exploitation of human life. Scripture warns us in Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.



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