Life seems to be complicated today with many choices before us. In order to make right decisions, we need to educate ourselves in those areas of choices. Working in adoption for foster care children, I see an even more complex situation that doesn’t often get included  for consideration. I didn’t know about this option, nor did I realize the magnitude of the problem, until I explored this alternative  to childbirth.

There are families that have carried their children to term and for one reason or another, was unable to properly care for them, what happens to them, is they get handed over to our government to raise. Can you imagine, being one of those children, reliant upon our government to meet all of your needs? Needless to say each department of the government does not always agree with the other department on how that care should be, thus creating gaps in the system. Foster parents come forward to temporarily care for them; however there are not enough of them. Some are doing it for the right reason and thank God for them, but some are not. Everyone is trying to do their best, but is their best good enough?

unhappy kid

Currently there are an estimated five hundred thousand children in the United States foster care system and about one hundred and fifty thousand are free and clear for adoption. That’s a lot of displaced children without a family, without a mom or a dad to love them, care for them, and often times they get separated from their siblings. This is heartbreaking and traumatizing for them. They are vulnerable and at the mercy of the state. I recently came across a four year old child, who has already been in four different foster care families. She had been neglected, physically, sexually, and verbally abused. Her story is seemingly commonplace among these children in the system. Fortunately, we were able to place her in a safe loving adoptive home, but I ask you, “how are we taking care of life in all of its stages, when we have this epidemic of displaced children before us?” Who is hearing their voices cry out for love and healing?


My heart breaks for each child that comes across my desk. I read their stories, and I want to fight for them, find them loving homes, and change the system. Becoming an adoptive parent,  I learned personally of their wounds and how deep and vast they run. I am now grateful for the “dysfunctional childhood” I had, because in comparison ….there is no comparison.

To quote one homeless child from the book, “sometimes God has a child’s face” wrote, I am so alone, so desperate, so lonely, “Why have I ended up like this? What have I done wrong? Help me understand, God- Why, doesn’t anyone love me?” another wrote, “On the street I saw a girl cold and shivering in a thin dress, with little hope of a decent meal. I became angry and said to God: ‘why did you permit this? Why don’t you do something about it? For a while God said nothing. That night he replied quite suddenly: ‘I certainly did something about it. I made you!

Football hero, Michael Oher’s life story in the movie “blind side” was a great depiction inside of the life of many of these children. His adoptive mom at the Super bowl this year put it best when she said, “There are no unwanted children just unfound families.”

In this complex world of options, can you please add adoption of foster care children to the list? Spread awareness in your pro- life groups, and help to give a voice to the voiceless?  The children hold out hope and they deserve a loving forever family and they need our help.





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