There have been times in my life when it felt as though I were walking blindly. I planned my life in one direction and ended up in another, perhaps you too, have experienced this. You had dreams for yourself and end up not even close to what you had dreamed. Our vision becomes obscured somewhere along the way. As though a heavy fog appears out of nowhere and we lose our perspective and our direction and when the fog lifts we look around and wonder how the heck did we end up here? It reminds me of the saying, “Go ahead, make your plans and then listen to God laugh at them”.  He has a way of directing us without our realizing it at the time.

Then there are times when we create our own fog in our lives, because God is taking too long to make things happen for us. We become impatient and lose our faith in God’s promises. In Scripture Jacob’s mom Rebekah did just that. God had promised her in Deuteronomy 25:23 that of her twins not yet born, her youngest son would be the one God favored, even though it was tradition for the eldest. Her husband was about to die and wanted to give his final blessing to Esau. Rebekah panicked and took matters into her own hand taking advantage of his weak vision.  She proceeded to trick her husband and her eldest son into giving the blessing to Jacob. This caused major problems for Jacob and her family as it does for us when we too, take the reins away from God and jump in the driver seat. Unfortunately, there have been countless times when I knew God wanted me to do one thing and I did another. Similar to the repercussions Jacob experienced, the same would happened to me, delays in God’s plans and blessings for my life.   

Like many of you, I struggle with surrender and complete trust in God’s plans for me and like Rebekah I have a tendency to grow impatient and try to fix things myself. This only brings to the forefront how weak my faith is, but I know I’m not alone in my struggles for in Mark 9:24 another person that struggles has said, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” The fog whether it is generated by God or us, is a signal and an opportunity to reflect inward to stop…rest…wait….and listen. It’s a time to check our faith barometer and challenge ourselves to let go and let God and be at peace with that decision not holding on to any strings.

Rio De Janiro


During these struggles I find inspiration in Mary’s story. She gets engaged, finds herself pregnant before marriage by the power of the Holy Spirit, an unbelievable story to try and explain to her fiance and family. She knows that no matter what she says she can’t convince them of the truth so she trusts God to convince them and she steps out of the way in the midst of all the chaos to visit Elizabeth for three months. She let go and let God do his work. Remarkable!! For me it takes practice to be that obedient and patient, but I know if I ask Mary for her help she will magnify the way as she will for you too.  



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