Summer is winding down and I am finding it hard to say goodbye. I feel like I just said hello. I had all of these plans and expectation and the weather just did not cooperate. We did have some days that were summer like, but over all it was a wet, grey disappointment that’s now almost over. My relationship with the weather reminds me of how we often feel when a human relationship changes without our consent. We stand there staring at the closed door and wonder what happened. We replay in our minds the “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve “and we often get stuck there. Too often we look for someone or something to blame including God. I’ve had some people say to me that their situation happened because they thought God was mad at them. Guilt would soon follow and then unfortunately the self-degradation, a vicious cycle that goes nowhere but down.


The truth is relationships do change and it may have nothing to do with you at all, you may be the instrument used to teach them something. People are meant to enter your life for a reason and a season.  It’s important to value the time that you have with them and learn what it is they were meant to teach you good or bad. Some relationships last a lifetime and they are to be treasured, but some relationships just fizzle or abruptly end. I’ve found the ones that hurt the most had the most to teach me and if I stared at that closed door for too long, I missed all the open ones God had waiting for me that became lost opportunities.



Another truth is, God does not get mad at us. In Joyce Meyers latest book “God is not mad at you” she explains it like this,

Scripture proves that our unbelief is a bigger problem than our sins. Sin can always be forgiven for those who repent and believe, but when unbelief exists, God’s hands are tied when it comes to helping us. The word of God teaches us that it will be done to us according to how we believe. In other words, when I believe that God is angry with me, because of my imperfections, no matter how much He loves me and wants to forgive me and restore me, I will not receive it because I don’t believe it.


If you recall the scriptures Jesus almost always questioned their faith before a miracle of healing were to take place. A good question we should ask each other and ourselves is, “Where are we in our faith?” Our unbelief could be holding us back from our dreams and healings and reaching our goals. I recently heard that God in his great love and mercy knows that we have unbelief and when our faith is weak his faith will compensate for ours if we trust and believe. That means we have to “let go and let God” without any strings pulling back our trust, because we fear. God loves us as though we are the only one. His love and mercy are boundless. He showers down Graces and blessings on us all the time and if we refuse to accept them they don’t get absorbed they bounce off of a hardened heart.



Lets try to open ourselves to receive all the blessings God has for us and when we are feeling weak and in the chaos and confusion of a hurtful relationship gone wrong, may we turn our backs to that closed door, let go and let God, by waiting for the next door with faith that he is about to open for us.


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