Have you ever found yourself so busy that you can’t think straight? or feel like your on a treadmill running and running and getting nowhere significant? and what about your memory are you finding yourself forgetful? If you answered yes to any of these questions it may be a sign that you’re doing too much. I recently heard that our need to be busy is like a drug that turns into an addiction. We just keep going and going and adding to our schedules as though this is a mark of our success. We may want to ask ourselves, “what are we really accomplishing in our busyness?” and does it take us away from where God wants us to be? What’s important is our relationships to one another in the present moment, because that is where God is and if were distracted by our busyness we are not fully present to them, but present to our concerns instead. Will these concerns be concerns tomorrow? in a week? or in a month? if not, then let them go.

Before we say “yes” to  new commitments, take a breath before responding then tell them you will get back to them with your answer after you’ve checked with your family and calendar. Go home and fill in your calendar with that commitment and see what it looks like. Pray about it to discern if this is something God really wants you to do. Does your spouse/friends and/or children support you in that decision? Will saying “yes”  interfere with what you’re already committed to? If you think you can do it and keep your balance, then go for it, if not, be honest and say you are already committed to something else.

Someone once told me, they keep their balance by placing in their calendar every week at a specific time the initials T.J. and if someone asks them to do something during that time they show them their calendar and say, “I”m sorry I have an appointment with T.J.” they never have to know that T.J. stands for time with Jesus.


So many people burn themselves out by not being able to say no to good things, but sometimes good things can be bad things. If we don’t put that oxygen mask on ourselves how will we ever be able to put it on someone else? Instead we will both suffer. Jesus is our perfect example of making time for self care. He regularly went off to the mountains to spend time with God in prayer. It’s from this time away that he was able to enter back into the world to minister to others. Jesus did not allow himself to be distracted from where God wanted him to be. He had healthy boundaries. Let us too, find that mountain top or sacred space. Our private stress free zone of peace, so that like him we can enter back into the world a healthier person.




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  1. Loved this !!!! Thank you Dawn


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