So, here I am in Sedona Arizona, following a path to climb Bell Rock mountain only to discover the path ends and the rest of the climb is “at your own risk”. No markers, no direction, just you and the mountain. Navigating to the top is a physical and mental challenge.  I became tired and often out of breath. When I finally managed to reach the top I laid my body down on a supporting rock and stared into the heavens. Often when I reach high destinations I get a sensational need to jump to safety. This overwhelming feeling reminded me of Jesus in the desert on a mountain where the devil tempted him to jump. MATTHEW 4 : 6-7 If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down. Scripture has it: ‘He will bid his angels to take care of you; with their hands they will support you that you may  never stumble on a stone.’ Jesus answered him, ” Scripture also has it? ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’ This helped to subdue my sensation to jump.



Like him I over came the temptation and found myself face to face with my inner self and was seized by fear. I don’t know where this emotion came from and why I was experiencing it, but I asked God about it and he showed me how I had been carrying this fear around with me my whole life. Images of my life flashed before me, from a small child to the adult I am today and every pivital event I held fear. I was taken aback by this realization so God showed me that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, because His son carried this fear too, it’s a fairly common human condition to life. However, there comes a time in our mature adult lives that we need to find peace with it and let it go as His son did.

I then became aware of my human desires and was able to see how they were not in line with God’s desires for me. Again, I was reminded of Jesus and the devil tempting him with all the kingdoms of the world (the desires of the ego) and from his response I found the courage to let that go from my heart as well. When I felt peace from all of this letting go I became overwhelmed with gratitude and the feeling of God’s deep love for me. As I descended down the mountain I found myself straying part of the way from the designated path and came head to toe with this message below that I believe had to be a message from God to me. It’s not everyday you come across a rock message like this in the middle of no where.


My mountain top experience and its comparisons to Jesus temptation in the desert seemed to invoke within me an unleashing of my long carried fears. I let go of them into the high altitude and felt the high winds of the Holy Spirit cleans me. I felt victory for accomplishing something so hard and long overdue. I will never forget this intimate encounter on the mountain top with  God. I hope that through my experience you also feel strengthen to unleash the inner fear that causes you to stumble and that you trust God’s hands to cradle you through the challenges that life holds and to allow God to place you on the rock of living water that will nourish and sustain you with all that you need to move forward on your personal journey writing the story of your life.





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  2. I loved your story. It makes it easier to understand Hebrew Scripture and why many went up the mountain to pray. HE SPEAKS ! ……..yes, in a quite still voice. I also had my mountain top experience in Israel on the Mt. of Beautides. There has been none other like it.


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