feast of the Holy familyToday marks the feast of the Holy Family, a time to rejoice in the wonder of what that means in a world where families are torn apart. Families need support and prayers more than ever these days. It’s so hard to keep a family united and together. Children grow and stop going to church, they get caught up in addictions, confusion, debt, false entitlement, etc. A saint whose writing I admire is St. John Chrysostom and he has urged all families to make their homes a “family church” something not that easy to do in today’s society. How can we make this happen? for starters lifting up and encourage members of our house hold to live faithful lives. To be role models of justice, integrity and standing up for what is right. Allowing the children to know that in their homes they are safe and supported for doing so. The power of praying together overcomes every hardship and obstacle that comes their way. You can find more ideas on how to be a strong domestic church in the home by going to http://www.domestic-church.com

Families today are under attack, which is why they need to stand strong against adversity. Praying together is a stronghold. Each year the pope offers a new year’s message of encouragement that may help too, you can find it at http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/francesco/messages/peace/documents/papa-francesco_20131208_messaggio-xlvii-giornata-mondiale-pace-2014_en.html

Today’s feast day always follows the Sunday after Christmas showing the importance of Jesus family and how they nurtured him to become who he was meant to be. We are called to do the same and we celebrate in order to notice how important our own personal families are from childhood to our adult families. Parents sacrifice for their children as we see in the holy family, may your families be strong, united and know the love of Christ through you. May they exemplify the holy family and shine the light of the baby  Jesus to their own children as the ripples of love throughout the ages standing strong against the evils and confusion of the world today.




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