Today is the feast of the Epiphany, in Greek this means “manifestation” an experience of sudden and striking realization. For the magi Christ was announced through a bright shining star. They studied the stars and this was not a star like any other star. It’s light penetrated their inner souls awakening in them the transforming power of God and lead them like a magnet where their souls needed to go. I imagine, that as they journeyed across the desert, they left shadows of their former selves behind. That shining light filled them with joy and upon seeing the baby Jesus in Mary’s arms they fell to their knees and were compelled to give in gratitude all that they had. They emptied themselves of their prized possessions so they could fill up on spiritual treasures. They were opened to hear God’s voice speak to them in a dream and they obeyed by departing by another way. They protected the priceless gift they had found and left completely transformed.

wisemencopping The bright shining star reminds me of a time when I wrote a blog piece about Tracy. She was consumed by addiction and negative behaviors that lead her down a dangerous path of self destruction. Some of you may remember reading her story. She attempted to commit suicide to escape her darkness and pain, but failed when a mysterious bright light appeared to her friends and lead them directly to where she was. No one could explain what or where this light came from. A few thought it may have been her guardian angel. Her newfound relationship with God had transformed her out of addiction and negative patterns healing her and her family. She converted to catholicism and lives a happy, healthy life sharing the light of Christ with everyone she meets. Like the magi she chose another path radiating God’s transforming love. Can you remember a time in your life that you felt the presence of Jesus so strong that you were transformed?


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