Have you heard the story of the spoiled teen in the headlines lately? I did and couldn’t believe that it actually got this far in the court system. It’s about an honor student that starts dating a bad boy, her grades start to slip, she starts getting into trouble at school, abusing alcohol and drugs, her parents crack down on her to stop seeing this guy, do her chores and keep her curfew. She declares that their requests are abusive and decides that she would rather move out of the house than follow their rules. She moves in with her best friend. Her best friends father who is a lawyer funds the entire legal process against her parents claiming she should not be cheated of her college education. Can you imagine? Crazy right?


Unfortunately, we are in a culture that would rather point the finger than take responsibility for poor choices. Anyone who has teenagers and/or young adults will find this story  hard to fathom. Parents should be supporting one another especially when it is so hard to raise children and keep your family together in today’s society. What do you think is the reason behind this entitlement culture? How did we get here? and what can we do to change this mindset? Do you think TV and movies negatively influence with glamour and glitz of unrealistic “reality shows”? and what about the pop  and movie stars that seem to get rewarded for being drug addicts and getting arrested repeatedly? Read the story and share what your thoughts are?


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