This story made National news and in seeing it, I recalled a similar experience my son had on the playground in the second grade. Check this out

Like this sweet little girl, my son was at recess having a discussion with his friends about heaven and an aide over heard him. She told him that if she ever heard him say the name of, or talk about, “God” again he would be in big trouble. This was a very big deal in our house and my son was very upset and decided that he wanted to go to catholic school to be around kids like himself where he would be free to talk about God whenever he wanted.

About a week ago, I was talking with an older woman who is very concerned about her Grandchildren.  They were raised catholic, are good kids, and as young adults don’t feel it’s necessary to go to church. She is the voice of many concerned mothers around the world. Like this little girl in the cafeteria wanting to pray before she eats and my son having casual conversation about God on the playground and being told “NO” overtime in an effort to fit in with the secular world, as young adults they take a step back from their beliefs and they question, judge and challenge. But, I believe that through our prayers, through our example and through the education we gave them they will find their way back.

I think every mother after giving birth and being a part of that unbelievable miracle, ponders how their children are God’s creation and not so much our own. At least I know I did, and I also realized, that as much as I love them, God loves them more.  I leave you with this hope and example of a young adult doing drugs, in a gang and ending up in prison before finding his way back to God.


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