Palm Sunday begins Holy week, we relive the betrayal of Judas, the denial of Peter, the suffering of Christ and our own weaknesses. We cry out today during mass “Crucify Him” while we hold palm branches in our hands from the celebration of accepting Jesus and His ministry. How quickly we flip-flop even today these palm branches represent to me, my frailty, my part through my sins Jesus being crucified. 


Holy week is a very important time for the life of a Christian, because we are reminded of the deep, passionate love our God has for each of us. It’s a time of conversion which means: the act or an instance of converting or the process of being converted.”the conversion of food into body tissues” synonyms: change, changing, transformation, metamorphosis, transfiguration, transmutation.

It’s an opportunity to change our direction, to grow and to move closer to Christ and our faith. As we hear on Ash Wednesday “turn from sin and return to the Gospel” it’s a time to start again trying to live the Gospel. When we look at those palms we receive today and carry them home with us let it remind us of our frailty and the incredible gift God gave us to begin again. Jesus teaches us how to do this if we look at Holy Thursday when he bent down on his hands and knees to serve those he loves. He washed the feet of the dirtiest place on the body at that time. This was an act of service that even the slaves did not perform. This foreshadows the next act that no one wants to willingly do which is die in humiliation and suffering on a cross naked.

These are acts of love, true, deep, passionate love. Are we ready to love that deeply our co-worker, boss, betraying friend, the people in our lives that don’t agree with us or understand us? It isn’t easy, and we will fall, but the good news is we are forgiven and we can start again. Try to make time in your schedule this week to be a part of the Triduum at your local church. These services are a gift to our church for our benefit. Holy Thursday is the reenactment of the last supper and washing of the feet. Good Friday is the veneration of the cross, Holy Saturday is a time for reflection. This 2 minute video explains it best check it out to understand Holy week better.





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  1. Happy Easter. Thank you for the time and energy in teaching me, each and every time you write. God Bless.


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