restful sleepHow often do we have trouble getting to sleep? The older we get the harder it seems. We fret and fidget about all we have to do the tomorrow and what we failed to do today. Our thoughts jump around inside our head as fast as the energizer bunny on lithium. This is a recipe for disaster, making us toss and turn all night. We awake in the morning feeling tired, anxious and groggy. We’ve begun our day as though we missed a step and spend all day trying to catch it. By changing our routine and adding these 4 habits every night before bed should reduce our sleepless nights.

#1. EXAMINE YOUR SCHEDULE for tomorrow, this will help you prepare your day by knowing what to expect. There may be something your expected to do and you’ve forgotten, by checking your calendar and examining your day you will eliminate surprises in the morning. If you don’t have anything plan something. By writing down a list of goals you would like to accomplish in your day helps to relieve the tension of all the different choices you have and resting on a few. You will feel better just knowing you have a plan and you will enjoy crossing off all the tasks as you get them done.

#2. PREPARE YOUR TOTE OR BRIEFCASE by putting your reports, research and everything you will need for tomorrow in your bag before you go to bed. Pack your lunch, utensils, vitamins, pens everything you need the night before. Place this bag by your front door with your keys on top so you don’t forget it. Taking the time to do this step before you go to bed will take a weight of stress off of your subconscious mind.

#3. WRITE A REVIEW of your day in a journal. When you write down your thoughts on paper or computer,  you get better clarity of your situation, how you feel and what you want. Write your conflicts, mistakes or anything that made you uneasy throughout the day then think of how you could have done better or how you will fix a problem. On the next page write down all the good things that you accomplished, the successes of your day, the people you helped and how this made you feel. You will be amazed at how this practice will put your thoughts to rest. Ending your day with gratitude for the good things will overshadow those bad ones. Thank God for them and pray a blessings on those you’ve hurt (including yourself), those who need your prayers, your family and your friends.

#4. LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE SONG OR READ A CHAPTER of a good book. This will take your spirit to a peaceful state of mind escaping to that tranquil place away from yourself.

By practicing these 4 basic steps each night you will help your body, mind and spirit let go and get the rest it needs. You will find yourself more refreshed when you wake and prepared to tackle your day. Who knows you may even arrive to work early and catch that sunrise you’ve always wanted to see. Being more alert and rested will help you be more productive and remove the fog from your thoughts.

If there is a step not mentioned that you have found helpful please feel free to share your comment below. You may have just the remedy for some one else’s sleepless night.


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