I’m not sure why I sometimes do this, but I do. I find myself staring into my past rehashing my mistakes (as though I have the power to change it) and stressing over situations that have piled themselves into mountains before me. Do you find yourself at times doing that too? Of course I know better, yet without realizing it there I find myself. Today, God had to shake me up so that I could shake it off and this is how he did it.



Do you notice anything unusual about this picture? If you look closely you will see that they are sunglasses and the lenses are missing. Today, I secured my beach bag to my bike, put my sunglasses on and started to ride to the beach. They were polarized sunglasses and on the way I marveled at the different colors it casts, but at one point during the ride I felt myself squinting in the sun and wondering why, thinking it must have been the angle. All the while my lenses had miraculously disappeared. I say that, because they were fine when I put them on I didn’t crash, touch them, feel or hear them fall off.  I’m not sure where they went or how they went ….they just somehow disappeared along the way. Not just one lens, but both lenses. God sure did get my attention.This disappearing act  forced me to see that I needed to look at things through a different lens and new perspective. My mountain may look big, but my God is bigger.

I, like many others, spend too much time in the past, worrying about the future, and never being fully present in the moment. God is in the moment, in our relationships and in nature. By bringing my focus to the present, God showed me what I would miss if I weren’t fully paying attention. On my way up the wooden step to the beach he showed me this knot in the wood expressing his love.



In a stone on my way out of the water stone heart

Love through an unexpected Monday wedding


and the joy of a child wanting to be present, so she crashed it


The butterfly that greeted me on my return home


God works in mysterious ways, does unusual things to get our attention and speaks to us all the time in the present moment and we can miss a lot of really great stuff if we linger in places God is not. He likes to remind us that we need to keep our focus on him and his promises. Did you know that in scripture there’s an estimated 3,000 verses of God’s promises and most likely more? King David spoke God’s promises as part of his ammunition against the giant. After speaking them he was able to easily defeat it with one shot from one stone. BAM!!!! DEAD!!  God’s promises spoken out loud countered the giant’s intimidation and weakened him.

Situations and people are always going to try to hold us back. We must shake it off by studying God’s promises, speaking aloud God’s promises and being joyful. I was never particularly a Taylor Swift fan until today. She impressed me at her age of 24 with her new song called “Shake it off” it’s the wisdom of how to handle haters. Haters will always hate you and you have to shake it off and find joy. I thought this positive message was a fitting way to end.






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  1. For some reason I look forward to reading your next letter that you will write. Then I look up and see the word ” Connection” in your letter and the answer was there. I think  it is because we all like to be connected. We all like to be part of something, to belong. It is a natural human craving. I am happy to be connected to another one of God’s children and share. “shake it off ” to me means having a big eraser. Most people have little erasers but I am proud to say I have a big eraser. It serves me well to forget all things that are not good, all things that are not of god. I do this easily for many reasons. Most importantly I want only to have God’s smile in my heart always. One moment at a time. I forgive all my brothers and sisters right away. I forgive them when they do not know what they do. I don’t judge my brothers and sisters. I am busy enough staying on the path God is put in front of me. I live only in the moment. I concentrate and am present in the now. I think it would be wonderful if more people were able to have big erasers, but many choose otherwise. They choose to not forgive, they choose to judge. They choose to hate, they choose to spill their personal misery onto their bothers and sisters. Your messages send joy out into the world and that is what God would have you do. More will join, but only in god time. When things get difficult and the pain of living is present go inside. What I say to myself repeatedly,  Gods smile is in my heart this moment Gods smile is in my heart this day Gods smile is in my heart always The pain goes away and a smile is present in my heart that moment. Nothing is important except the present moment. 

    I look forward to sharing with you again Daniel


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