Queenship of Mary

Today is the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, many of you have asked what this means. In 1954, St. Pius the X recognized her in this official title and gave it a day of commemoration. She is recognized as the Queen of the Universe for numerous reason and I am sure that I will not capture all of them in this blog post. I can tell you the three reasons that stand out for me personally.

1. Her amazing humility of always putting others before herself.

2. How she magnifies her Son Jesus in everything.

3. Her mission of conquering evil ( Genesis 3:15  with explanation)

Many catholic’s consecrate their hearts to hers for the reasons I mentioned and more. Many use the consecration by St. Luis De Montefort . I have seen priests going to homes guiding entire families to be consecrated to Mary. There is a Roman catholic mariology as devoted believers followed by many saints and priests such as, St. Maximilian Kolbe,  St. Anthony, St. Padre Pio, and St. John Paul II just to name a few.  There is a misconception that we as catholics, worship Mary, this is very untrue. To understand what we really believe about Mary I’ve linked this article from “Patheos”  and for those who understand better with visuals, I’ve included this below.


A brief story of a woman devoted to Mary and the sign she was given:

There is woman I know from church, who has been deeply suffering along with her young adult daughter who has  severe chronic  Crohn’s disease . If any of you have a severely sick child you will understand the heart wrenching agony you go through along side of them. This woman always goes before Mary in prayer and feels comforted by her who understand the pain of watching your child suffer so much. One day, after seeing her so sad  in church, I had given her two medals, one for her and one for her daughter. They were blessed in Medjugorje with the picture of the Mary on one side and Jesus in Divine Mercy on the other. I felt the Graces and Blessings on this medal would transfer to her and her child. She was grateful to receive it and bought chains for them to wear. This morning she told me that her chain had broken and she placed the medal in a safe place in the middle of her shelf in one of her rooms. She went to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for her daughter and when she was done she immediately went back into the other room and found the medal on the table (not the shelf) facing Divine Mercy side up. She couldn’t believe her eyes and instantly felt peace and love. She believes this was a sign that the Mother of God heard her prayers and that everything was going to be alright.  She was so excited that she had to share this story with me and I in my excitement for her felt inspired to share it with all of you. 


We are not supposed to look for signs however, there are times when we are in desperate need of them. It’s during those times that God blesses us with the unexpected and we feel peace, confirmation and hope, that help us to keep going. My prayer for you on this special feast day, is to open yourselves to allowing Mary to reign as queen of your hearts, softening them to receive the seeds of Jesus so that you can birth him into the world.


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