Threats of terrorist attacks, Ebola, and global warming have a lot of people nervous about the future. Some are going to extreme lengths to survive the unknown by purchasing luxury survival condominiums to protect themselves. Exorcists have seen a rise in demand for their services, perhaps because of an increase in interest in the occult.The Catholic bishops of Kenya have revealed that young women have been sterilized without their knowledge as part of a vaccination campaign sponsored by UNICEF and the World Health Organization. Addictions and mental illness among our youth have risen drastically and so has the crime rate. There are more reports of kids like Elizabeth Smart being kidnaped from their bedrooms in the middle of the night. It’s enough to cause a panic, and this is what are children are growing up facing.

Maybe it’s no wonder that they are choosing role models like Kim Kardashian, who become famous from a sex tape and then release sexual photos to keep relevant. The picture below is the cleaner version.kkcover1(rgb)watermark

They listen to songs that talk about dealing drugs, murder, abusing women and so on. They watch video’s like Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” and award shows with Miley Cyrus “twerking” and acting sexually inappropriate. Recently there surfaced this group spewing their “positive message” on feminism. You will have to check it out for yourselves, but in my opinion this “positive message” doesn’t look or sound very positive.

Unfortunately, it’s the kids that are growing more confused by emulating these poor role models. They are vulnerable and being misled. If you talk to any experienced teacher today, they will tell you how disrespectful children have become and how much harder it is to control them. Commercials pound into our heads that we deserve the best, bigger, better and newer. How do we not let our children and ourselves become immune to this culture’s distortion of the truth? Where are our modern day saints? Do we no longer see what is right and what is wrong or have we become accustomed to blurred lines? Perhaps, in all the distractions we have forgotten what we believe in, or we are unclear of what we choose to believe so we sit in limbo and do nothing. Let me leave you with this parable for food for thought.

There is a crowd of people standing around waiting when Jesus shows up. He calls those who know his voice to “come, follow me” as he walks past. Some of the crowds follows. Then the devil shows up, and he calls those who know his voice to “come, follow me” as he walks past. Some of the crowds follows, but some didn’t, they just sit comfortable on the fence. One of the devil’s minions looked back and said to him, “hey, what about them?” the devil replied, don’t worry about them I own the fence.




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  1. Only the power of prayer can win this dark and deadly battle. It is the healing power of Jesus Christ who transforms lives and brings light to a very dark world.


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