Pope Francis, never ceases to amaze me. It’s no wonder that he is the #1 quoted person on the face of the planet. He has more retweets, shares, news articles and bloggers talking about him on social media than you can imagine. It’s no surprise he has made the cover of Time and Rolling Stone magazine just to a name a few. I can only surmise that his influence on today’s culture has to do with the fact that he has been able to make himself prayerful and pure enough to let the Holy Spirit catapult him into our hearts. He moves with the wind of God’s spirit, and the results are staggering.

 Listen to his advice on parenting and relationships this man in my opinion is right on target. His wisdom is simple and reasonable. On June 16th, 2014, he said,

 “When I confess young couples and they talk to me about their children, I always ask one question: ‘And do you have time to play with your children?’ And many times the father tells me: ‘But Father, they are sleeping when I go to work in the morning and when I come back at night they are already asleep in bed.’ This is not life.”

 How true is this statement? I’ve seen this happen in many families, as a matter of fact; this has been an issue for years. My husband recalls his dad commuting from Manhattan arriving home at the end of the day when he was in bed and leaving before he got up. My daughter recently told me that she met a young couple from Rhode Island whose husband is a lawyer like her fiancé. Knowing how many hours they have to put in at the law firm it doesn’t leave much time to spend with family during the workweek. What they decided to do is to change the children’s routine. When Dad gets home from work no matter the time, he does nothing, but is present with his kids then he tucks them into bed. The kids are going to bed much later, and this routine may take an adjustment on everyone’s part, but the time spent together as a family is quality time spent.



The next piece of advice from Pope Francis was from August 6th, 2014

 “Many children and young adults waste so much time on hollow things: Chatting on the Internet, playing with the cell phone, seeing soap operas. High tech products are meant to make life simple and to improve the quality of life. But often, they distract us from what’s really important.” Misused technology, he said, has become one of the elements that separate a family.

ignored kiddinner table

These pictures speak volumes don’t they? 

On September 28th, 2014 he said, “One of the most beautiful things in the life of a family, of our lives, is to caress a child and to let them be caressed by a grandfather or grandmother.” The pillar of family life, are the elderly. They are the future of the people, because they are its memory. 


I have the fondest and most impressionable memories as a child of my two Grandmothers, both of which led me to a deeper faith. This picture below is my granddaughter’s great, great grandparents at her baptism.



In conclusion, I will end this piece with advice from our Pope that I think is most essential for a happy marriage.

POPE FRANCIS October 4th, 2013

“I always give this advice to newlyweds: ‘argue as much as you want. If the plates fly, let them. But never end the day without making peace. Never!”



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