When my daughter came to visit me at work, closed the door and placed a positive pregnancy test on my lap, you can imagine my surprise. To say I was a bit shocked would have been an understatement. It took me a full nine months, just to register how much my life was about to change forever and that I was going to be a Grandmother!!!!

Ironically, when she left my office, the mail arrived. I had been waiting for this statue from Medjugorje for months, and its timing assured me that like Mary, the unexpected announcement of a baby is the greatest gift one can receive. It comforted me and assured me that God predestined this child.


As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching I reflect back on the blessing of births and see how truly important my family is. Somewhere in my business of raising children, working, growing older, etc. I lost that connection. I inadvertently shifted my focus from them to a cluttered life of tasks.

As time goes on, our families tend to grow farther apart, perhaps due to demographics or broken relationships. Sometimes we become concerned with things that seem important, but aren’t. We may hold grudges or feel that we are misunderstood or unloved, we bicker with sibling rivalry; we have personalities clashes, etc., and all these things can get in the way. That is, until, a loved one dies, the birth of a child or priorities shift without our control then we realize we are missing something very important. That important something is our family.

I’ve learned over the years that through good or bad, thick or thin its family that is always there for me. May this Thanksgiving remind us of how important our family is and recognize how much love is present. May we find the courage to let go of past wrongs and reconcile if need be. There are people like my one son, who for various reasons have no relationship with blood relatives. May they find comfort in their adopted family’s in love and friendship, as well as Christ’s, for we are all adopted into Christ’s family.

feast of the Holy family

To those who have lost a loved one and have to face the Holiday’s staring at that empty chair or worse, ” alone” may they find the strength to celebrate the blessing of beautiful memories shared. May we remember with gratitude our loved ones, past and present and if you know of someone hurting and alone this season, please invite them to your table of plenty. We all have so much to be grateful for and to share.

Wishing you and your families’ countless blessings,

Happy Thanksgiving!



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