There is a Franciscan tradition of picking a Saint for the coming year. The belief is that the Saint picks you to help you through all that you encounter in the year ahead. A special bonus to your life, a guardian Saint to walk with you and your guardian angel. I can remember every Feast of the Epiphany the Friars would host a staff party, and we would pick our new Saints and share who we received. We always learned something new. I used to carry this tradition into our Franciscan Fraternities as well. I remember researching Franciscan saints, printing out the information, cutting them into slips of paper, putting them all in a basket. Whew…..it sure was time-consuming and now with today’s technology I don’t have to do that anymore and neither do you. Jennifer Fulwiler has created a Saint generator that does all of the work for you, what a brilliant idea. Thank you, Jennifer! This year I got a Franciscan Saint, Paschal Baylon. He joined the Reformed Franciscan Order as a lay brother, I find it interesting the connection between him and me as Lay Franciscans. He was born on the feast of Pentecost, and I was professed into the Franciscan order on the feast of Pentecost. He was a mystic and is patron Saint of Shepherds, Eucharistic Congresses, and Eucharistic Associations. We both share a love of the Eucharist how divine.


Now it’s your turn, all you have to do is click the link below and then pray before you press the generator button. I would love to hear which Saint you’ve received to help you in 2015, please don’t forget to share.

Happy New Year!



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