Many of us can say that we love our families dearly, and we can’t imagine life without them. But, let’s get real and admit that some of our family members are “OUT OF THEIR MINDS.” Better yet, some of our family members think that we are “OUT OF OUR MINDS.” This reaction is quite reasonable, especially when we are true to ourselves by walking down a different path than others. Whenever, we don’t follow the so called, “prescribed norms” people pull away from us. They don’t understand what would lead us to choose this way of life and often fear sets in and exasperates the situation. I can remember discovering that God had a deeper purpose for my life and I began studies to enter the Third Order Franciscans. My family truly thought I was “OUT OF MY MIND” as a matter of fact, so did most of my friends. I am sure that you too have experienced this same reaction under different circumstances with whatever your calling may be. Did you know that when Jesus was old enough to begin his public ministry his family thought he was “OUT OF HIS MIND” and went to great lengths to “reel him in?” Everyone was buzzing about him, and I am sure that made things worse and his family more anxious. Mark 3: 20-21

Then Jesus entered a house, and again a crowd gathered, so that he and his disciples were not even able to eat. When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, “He is out of his mind.”

Can you imagine the scene and how embarrassing it must have been for him and his family? We have all been there in some way or another as we walk down a different path. God places his desire so deep within our heart’s that sometimes we cannot not answer his call. Saints and clergy are no exceptions; there are many stories stating the same. Right now people are buzzing about Pope Francis. They just don’t understand him, his ways and much of what he says, if you can believe that. Many writers have taken to explain him in hopes that people will better understand him and put aside their fears. One such article written by Thomas Peters, “Feeling devastated by what Pope Francis says?” Try these 3 helpful tips. Click this for full article

  1. Pope Francis will not change church teachings.
  2. Unlike previous popes, he speaks in idioms like, Spaniards.
  3. Keep in mind that when he speaks to the public media he is choosing to speak to non-Catholics.

These are helpful tips for some and being in the public eye affords him the chance to have someone explain himself to others. We, on the other hand, are not as fortunate. It is probably safe to say that most likely no one is going to write a book or article explaining to our haters why we do or say the things we do. We are forced to go it alone at least in the physical sense. We take our hits and learn to find the joy in it as St Francis did. St. Francis, understood joy like no other and there is a true story where he explains it to Brother Leo. I’m giving you the shortened version.

brother leo and francis

“So, Brother Leo, the conclusion is this: The Spirit’s best gift, His highest grace, Christ gives to His friends: To conquer self for Jesus’ sake; this makes us willing to go through sufferings, hurts, rejections, troubles of all sorts. We cannot glory in other gifts because they come from God, not us. So why compliment yourself for what God does? But we can glory in troubles and sufferings—they are outs. That’s why St. Paul says, ‘I glory only in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.’ To Him belongs respect, also reverence, until the world’s end. Amen”

(Excerpt taken from The Little Flowers of St. Francis A Paraphrase by Donald E. Demaray)

To be considered by others “OUT OF YOUR MIND” when you are following your vocation/ God’s will in your life, means two things.

One, It is a good indicator that you are living the Gospels and affecting people by your example.

Two, you are just like Jesus’ mirroring Him as He intended brave and courageous by trailblazing.

Remember you are not alone on your journey for many have gone before you experiencing the same. Matthew 5:11-12

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven.

~Rev. John Campoli I.V. DEI~ During this year of Consecrated Life please pray for all the consecrated asking God’s strength and blessing as they endeavor to follow his call more closely. As Blessed Paul VI pointed out: “Without this concrete sign there would be a danger that the charity which animates the entire Church would grow cold, that the salvific paradox of the Gospel would be blunted, and that the “salt” of faith would lose its savor in a world undergoing secularization”


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