IMG_2717I haven’t written in awhile for various reasons, one reason, I was taking a much-needed vacation and while away I took some time to visit my Father in law and his new wife. We went down to the place that my mother in law’s ashes were spread. I assumed that they were placed surrounding the grotto of Mary, because I know how much that meant to her. As I walked towards the grotto I stopped to smell some very pungent purple flowers on a tree. When suddenly, I heard a very loud and clear female voice say, “DAWN, I’m over here.” Turning around to see who was speaking I saw no one there and the spot I heard her voice was not the grotto. When I returned to the family I asked my Father in law where exactly he placed the ashes and it turns out it was in the spot I heard her voice and not the grotto. The location was not important what is important, is my mother in law letting us know she is there and ever so present alive in our hearts where she will remain forever. I was happy and comforted to hear her voice and it has given me peace. My story by no means compares to the one below, but I wanted to give another example of unexplained voices from heaven.

How often have you experienced your own  unexplained voice that may have helped you during a difficult time or that protected you from something bad? This story I am about to share is about a young mother and her 18-month baby that lost control of the car, it flipped and landed into the water. The mother died on impact of the crash, but the baby survived for 14 hours upside down in the water. The child was sure to die if it weren’t for rescuers following a woman’s screams for help. These screams lead to the baby, but no woman was found. Rescuers were scratching their head in confusion as to where this voice came from. It was far too mature to be coming from a little baby. Was it the baby’s guardian angel? the spirit of her dead mother? or could it be the voice of God?  Follow the story and share your thoughts with us.



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