Sometimes life can be filled with the unexpected, mystery and disappointments. It is during those times that we appreciate “the little things.”  For example, recently I took a vacation to my favorite place to relax and meditate and the moment my plane hit the ground they got an unexpected storm. First torrential rains


Then beautiful snow

2That lasted (coincidentally) for three days reminding me it is Lent


While waiting it out, I found joy in the “little things” that gave way to beautiful things.

A friendly duck that actually posed for a picture friendly duck that poses red The reddest bird I’ve ever seen.

A stunned hummingbird that was incredibly beautiful


The hearts in nature God sends me to remind me of His love. Can you see the heart in the stone?


We visited heavenly sights so beautiful even our rental car appeared to be floating off of the ground. Can you see the tire floating?

floating car

God touches us in many ways and I’ve learned over the years to pause and look for the ways that he may be trying to speak to me.


majestic beauty

and I’ve found that he speaks to me in the little things and it is in those little things that give way to the big things. I’ve recently heard, that when we are fortunate enough to take a vacation all we experience comes to life when we return. They say this because, it isn’t what we want, it is wanting what we have. For me, this is the importance of family. No matter what storms are happening in my life, especially during Lent, my family is always there for me. They may not always have wonderful things to say, but when my back is against the wall they are the firsts to come and scrape me off. This year I was fortunate to gather another picture of one of my biggest blessings  five generations of strong women in my family.


This Lent, my prayer for you is that you are able to uncover the treasure you hold nestled in your heart as a “little thing” and may that recognition of blessings in the little things multiply.


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