Around the world today, there is a dramatic increase in occult activity. Specialist claim this increase is triggered by Hollywood glamorizing serial killers, vampires, witches, pornography, and occult activity. This steady climb of demonic activity has resulted in a need for more exorcists around the world. Milan, over the past 15 years has seen demonic activity increase to the point that they needed to go from 1-12 priests and include an exorcist hot-line to manage the demand. This growing need has caused Pope Francis to press upon following Catholic doctrine for all dioceses to have at least one priest trained to perform exorcisms.

st. michael

So what is going on in the world to cause this increase? There are many speculations and to address possibilities and create solutions the Vatican endorsed a week-long conference on exorcism at the Pontifical University of Regina. 160 religious and laity participated and many strongly suggested that the root of the increase was pornography, television programs, drugs and the glamorization of occult activities. fr. amorthFr. Gabriele Amorth Rome’s chief exorcist claims “there are only two spiritual realms: The Holy Spirit and the demonic spirit.” The demonic enters in “because evil is disguised in various ways: political, religious, cultural, and it has one source of inspiration: the devil.  He also, speaks of IVF fertility treatment is another avenue the devil is using to creep into Christian lives. Looking at the situation of Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara, who is in a legal battle with her ex-fiance over three frozen embryos we can understand maybe why. She wants the embryos destroyed because they are no longer a couple, and he wants them to live. These embryos are considered not to be alive by society’s definitions. However, the Church stands firm that they have souls at the moment of conception likely able to feel pain. All three embryos were classified as female. If these embryos were not alive at conception how would science be able to determine their sex? Are we being deceived into thinking this is not life therefore it is okay to kill them? The church has consistently stated that life begins at conception.This situation is not moral relativism but, moral ethics.


Fr. Amorth has a record of 70,000 cases of demonic possessions and believes the sex abuse scandal is proof the devil is at work in the Vatican. He also thinks ISIS is “Satan,”  he says, ISIS took control of the largest Christian city in Iraq, Qaraqosh, in August last year, causing tens of thousands of people to flee.The terrorist group has persecuted and murdered Christians and other religious minorities in parts of Syria and Iraq. People have turned a scared and blind eye and young people are being taught that there is no such thing as the devil or evil. Do you remember the movie the exorcist?


It is based on a true story of a 12-year-old boy possessed from playing with a ouija board with his aunt. Last year, September 2014, 40-50 people attended a black mass in Oklahoma City causing a major uproar. I am only writing about a few reports that I’ve heard about recently there are many other happenings in regards to demonic activities going on. I hope that it is enough to make you more aware and to be careful. Searching for more spirituality is best explored within the confines of the Church, not in parapsychology, new age, and self- help books. st. pats

Professor Fr. Cesare Truqui a Swiss exorcist trained participants at the conference how to differentiate between demonic possession and psychiatric disabilities. Some of the ways to recognize the difference has to do with ancient tongues, supernatural strength and at times levitation. They also issued these exorcism guidelines:

Don’t try this at home

Professor Giuseppe Ferrari gave delegates at the Vatican-backed course a checklist for improve the effectiveness of exorcisms.

* Exorcisms should only be carried out by properly trained priests, licensed to do so by the diocese in which they work. Priests can not perform exorcisms in different dioceses without special permission.

* Lay people should never perform exorcisms, say the special prayers of liberation, nor bless or touch a possessed person.

* Exorcists should defer to qualified doctors or psychiatrists though priests may help by praying.

* Priests should not perform the Eucharist during an attempt to exorcise somebody because that can make the process “too Hollywood”.

* Priests must welcome and pay heed to anyone who reports that a demonic possession may have taken place.

* Exorcists should consider the possibility that symptoms may be due to known medical conditions and seek appropriate professional advice if they suspect this to be the case.

Demons, are they real or just fantasy? If they are real how will you protect yourself and your families from them? Will you pray for discernment and enlightenment into the truth on moral issues? and will you stand firm for the truth regardless of the repercussions as the early Church leaders have done and many continue to do today? 

pope francis praying over people



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