Are you a technology potato? If you are anything like me, the answer is probably yes; at least to some degree. I like to think the advancement of technology has not affected me in a negative way, but a positive one, however, perhaps I am mistaken. I mean sure technology has made my life a lot easier in areas of work, communication and socializing with my long-lost friends and family members I don’t get to see very often. Oh, and I also, love that I can shop online in my pajamas while sipping my tea without the days of horror like Black Friday, traffic, and waiting in long lines. Then there are times when I want to do something specific, and I lose track of time viewing emails and checking social media newsfeeds. I can be in the middle of writing, making out an agenda or putting together a presentation, when before I know it, I am distracted on new and social media. It can become a sort of addiction, seriously just look at these bumpkins I’m sure you have a few of your own.


I sometimes go to lunch with my girlfriends, and I look around at other tables, and I see people no longer communicating with each other. Instead, they are checking their phones for messages or catching up on the latest in their social media news feeds. Cowen and Company, in November 2014 released a survey showing young adults between the ages of 18-29 spend on average about 3 1/2 hours a day on social media. That doesn’t include text messaging, surfing the web, games or email use and “we” (the older generation) are not far behind them.

age asessment

Looking at this data and having it confirmed by people watching I get concerned about a few things. Number one on my list is our privacy being violated. Facebook and other apps have clauses in their agreement terms. These terms allow them the right to record our personal conversations from our phone mic’s and take our picture from the camera on our phones.  Remember we have cameras on both sides so they can catch us either way. They also can access all information on our phones at any time without our knowledge and they do not exempt our children’s phones. Company advertisers have ways to track every move we make in new media. They are allowed to do this under the guise of better serving us through advertising. Have you ever noticed surfing the web for a product and then go on Facebook for example and see the exact item you just purchased or thought about buying on the right side of your page? You were tracked!!!

Thankfully, people are becoming a little more tech savvy and are taking extra steps to protect themselves. They clear their cookies and browsing history more frequently and invest in additional firewall protection. These extra precautions are resulting in companies trying new avenues to reach us, and you won’t believe how, check this out.

major privacy invasion

I hope that article did not scare you but wake you up to the new challenges we are facing, not only for ourselves but in raising our children.

My reason number two, if people, especially our children are being so distracted by technology and becoming technology potato’s, then they are not taking the time they need to be creative. Instead of reading books they are playing video games. Many are losing the art of knowing how to have stimulating conversation with one another because they aren’t talking. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my children text me from time to time from another room instead of getting up to talk to me. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is true and if they are being saturated with visuals and audios from new and social media they are not spending enough time in silence. The Millennial generation is noted to be the most stressed out generation in recorded history. Quiet time in silence is relaxing and offers the opportunity to hear God speak to their hearts. It also gives them the time they need to reflect on their lives and think about solutions to problems. With that being said, to me, children don’t seem as happy as we were. I could be wrong, but to better clarify what I mean please check this out.

This commercial is well done and powerful. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this blog subject. Please feel free to share your comments with the rest of us. I thank you in advance and hope you are enjoying the

Sweet summer



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  1. I agree with you on this 100%, Dawn, and the facts leave little room for argument. It’s infectious and it’s spreading. “It” being the disease that’s eating our Constitution and the people it protects alive. This describes my idea of what the zombie apocalypse really means and how non-ridiculous such a thought it’s recently become and how it is achieved. Mind control. Dangerous things can happen when people lose their minds.

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