I was asked by our National Franciscan sister, Christy Nelson, to come to the Philadelphia World Meeting of Families and assist with a booth at the Convention Center with our commission for young adults/youth Shine. Philadelphia, being only about 1 hour away and this opportunity at World Meeting of Families being a landmark for the American Church I, of course, said “yes.”  What an experience this was for me I can’t even begin to tell you. I met the most wonderful people from literally all over the world and God had surprises for me as well. One of those surprises was standing right next to Jeff Cavins and having a couple from England ask me if I was waiting to take a picture with him. I said, with who? not realizing who was standing beside me. They pointed to Jeff and said you know Jeff Cavins from EWTN and the Timeline Bible study series? I looked over at the man standing next me and thought, Holy Moly, then seized the opportunity by asking him if I could video tape him giving a message to our Franciscan youth. He agreed and what a message he gave! but first he asked me about being a Secular Franciscan.

Then God surprised me again by placing me with Fr. Josh Johnson aka the rapping priest. He gives me a message for all the youth around the world. His message is so powerful every one of us will benefit from it. He points the way how to become a saint in 2015 and the path that leads to God.

I met a group of male young adults from Pakistan so eager to enrich their faith and asked for assistance from us to help them find a Franciscan Shine group for them in their own Country. They were a group of many asking the same. This is a picture of a woman named Sabina all the way from Zimbabwe wearing a beautiful devotional Franciscan dress and Sue Nelson from Franciscan Shine.


Larry a fellow Franciscan from Illinois and an incredible rosary maker brought me to this recently discovered artifact from the time of Jesus. It was from a Jewish Synagogue called Migdal and we were told by the historian that Jesus is historically connected to it and most likely touched it many times. We were allowed to touch it because it was a replica, but even as a replica it had security protecting it.

Migdal Synagogue

These are just few of the amazing experiences I am having at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. I will touch base with another update shortly.

Shalom, Dawn



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  1. Yes Sister in CHrist!!! God is good and I am grateful for your “yes” to Hm so many years ago as you became a SFO..xo What a Blessing!


    • Laurie, I will never forget the day of my profession when you showed up at my door with a present and to share in the joy of the day with me. We sat on the porch and celebrated. Thank you for being there with me through the years of spiritual twists and turns of growth. Keep sharing the blessings and the faith, dear Sister in Christ!


  2. Enjoy your blessings–Art & I are doing our best. Pray for us & kiss the POPE!!! Rose


  3. Great story, Dawn. I enjoyed the videos and I would suggest we send them to our NAFRA website.
    Peace and love, Mary Stronach, OFS


  4. What a blessing to be part of this very exciting event! Pax et bonum!


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