Say NO! To A List Of New Year Resolutions

I sit here on New Year’s Eve, sick, trying to get a doctor to check me out for possible pneumonia or bronchitis, after being hung up on three times and holding for 10 minutes before having to call a fourth time I find my doctor is no longer seeing patients and sticking to hospital work. What?!!! When did this happen? I just saw him two months ago. This disappointing news echoes the story of my life this past year. I will spare you all the details, but I’m sure you can imagine and may even have experienced your own challenging year. Trust me, I am not complaining or having a pity party although I have been known to do those things from time to time. I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2016, and I’ve been asking myself, what life experiences had I learned from the crap piled on me this year? To sum it up in one word I would say giving up “CONTROL.”

I must admit I am a fixer of things, and perhaps you are too, I’ve found that many people are. I do not know when this started or why. Perhaps, it has something to do with taking care of my kids, husband, household, bills, etc., or being a first born, or being a director & manager in my jobs. Whatever the reason, at some point it must’ve gotten in the way of my personal and spiritual growth, so God tried to fix me. Many of you may have heard of Iyanla Vanzant. I guess you can say she is a life coach, and I recently read a blurb she posted on Facebook that said,

The number one addiction of the human race is control. When we cannot control a thing we fear it. In these moments we forget our connection to God and the earth. We doubt ourselves and imagine the worst possible outcome rather than faithfully calling upon and relying on the guidance of spirit, which is available at all times in all situations.


As you can see, I am not alone, and I am glad to have learned to get the heck out of the way, so that God, the actual authority in fixing can work. Now you will hear all over social media, t.v., radio, and just about everywhere to make a list of New Year resolutions. I dispute that recommendation this year and suggest that you pick just one; one New Year resolution. Like me, reflect on the past year and ask yourself what has God been trying to teach you throughout 2015? Make that message your mission for the coming year and you will see amazing things begin to happen. The broken pieces obstructing and preventing you from moving forward will gently fall into their proper place giving you a stable platform to walk on.


Choosing one New Year resolution will be a lot easier to accomplish and in doing so you will feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself will benefit those that surround you with love. Another advantage is that by keeping your focus on a single thing, you will achieve the clarity you need to see how you want to write the story of your life in 2016.


My wish and prayer for each of you wherever you are in the world is for the best and most blessed New Year of 2016!




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  1. Thank you Dawn.  I hope that 2016 is a better year for both of us….Donata


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