#5 Lessons to Move Through The Tough Times

tough times

It has been awhile since I last wrote and the reason is I have been going through some tough times. Along the way, I have learned some valuable lessons I will share with you. You never know these #5 lessons I learned may be able to help you get through your tough times too.  Lesson number

#1. Whatever you are going through someone is going through worse– while I was in the hospital unsure of what was wrong with me and what my fate would be I met a ton of people who knew their fate and it was not good. They were undergoing some serious treatments, medicines, surgery’s, procedures, pain, and suffering more than you would expect one person to have to go through. They knew exactly what they were going through and let me tell you, it was heavy stuff. My pastor came to visit me when I got out of the hospital and he told me he visits lots of homes and everyone is battling serious stuff. We are not alone battling illnesses or troubles there is not a shortage of those who suffer in silence. People are carrying heavy burdens daily we only need to become more aware, sensitive and compassionate enough to see it.

#2. There are plenty of good people out in the world doing good – we just need to step away from our busy lives to notice them. They are everywhere trying to make burdens lighter. They go out of their way to soothe the aching heart, soul, and emotion of another suffering soul. I can remember being at a very low point fretting in my hospital bed with doctors and nurses all around me and I noticed in the corner of my eye a woman who came into my room saw all the people then put her hand to her mouth and quietly, but quickly ushered herself out. I wondered who she was and what she may have wanted. As soon as the room cleared she silently, but quickly re-entered my room. She stood at the foot of my bed, smiled, then introduced herself and where she was from and asked me if I would like to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. I was so grateful for the opportunity, confused as to how she knew I was Catholic and that she waited ever so patiently for me when she could have visited a thousand other rooms and floors. Touched to my core at the wonderment and timing I began to cry tears of joy. She was one of many good people I encountered doing remarkable things.


#3. When your life begins to spin out of your control and you feel the weight of your circumstances begin to crush you – reach out for help from the praying community. They are there for you, eager and happy to pray with you. This is the time that you need them to pray you through the tough times. Don’t let fear or pride stand in the way of the powerful line of God’s praying angels here on earth. Your privacy should never be a hindrance to prayer, trust me, I learned this the hard way. I reached out for prayer and my friend Phyllis arrived at my hospital bed ready and armed to anoint and shower me with prayers.  She then reached out to the praying community for me to gather an army of prayer warriors to defeat and crush what is suppressing me.


#4. Pray over your medications with a loved one for it to do what it is meant to do and not to cause harm. This was a big and powerful addition I added to my prayer life and I never thought to do it before. My medicine had begun to fail me. It was giving me allergic reactions and converting my t cells. The pharmaceutical companies add dyes and fillers that can cause us harm as well. Praying over the medicine has spiritual effects that we can’t see, but our body feels, it is making a difference for me. 


The biggest lesson I learned came from the mouth of a 4-year-old. She told me to

#5. Stop talking about the things that are wrong with me that I can’t control. Look at the good, see the good, and focus on the good. You know the places that you want to go and be.  “If you look for the bad you will surely find it.” Abraham Lincoln She was so right, I was twisted and looking in the wrong direction I needed her to give me a shove and turn me around and she did. I needed my whole family to push me and challenge me to get out of my anxiety and negative, stinking, thinking and to look at things that were positive and good.

This morning I woke up and found confirmation in this write up I found on Facebook.



Are you familiar with the idea that we tend to attract more of what we focus on? Here’s a great story that perfectly illustrates this concept.

A man who was afraid of heights decided to conquer his fear by rappelling down the side of a steep cliff. A guide was on hand to help him, but as he stood on the edge of the cliff, the sight of the long drop and the rocks waiting for him below made him freeze.

The guide gave him some simple advice: “Don’t look where you don’t want to go.”


By this simple twist on familiar goal-setting advice (“look where you want to go”), the man was able to complete his descent. The following Monday at work, the man remembered his mountaineering advice. He had been stressing about all the stuff he didn’t like about his work: his boss, his effectiveness, his job duties, some of his coworkers.
He had been trying to create goals for himself, but they just made him feel anxious and

After his climbing trip, he realized the he was overly focused on what he didn’t like about his workplace. So he resolved to not look at the things he didn’t like. He chose instead only to focus the entire day on what he liked. The result? He found himself relaxing more, getting along with his boss better, and getting more done.

After reading this story, I spent the entire day reciting things I like about my life and the people God has gifted me with. I refuse to look at my problems or shortcoming. Within minutes, I felt great! Give it a try and see for yourself, and let me know what you think. 

calm peace



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  1. Hi Dawn–I have been in some suffering Epidural for right back –fell yesterday—working with IRS & State of NJ
    can not do it –using lawyer–bank ,etc. Very lonely —miss Art Love Rose


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