This past weekend is one many will not soon forget. Saturday, in Seaside Park, N.J. at a 5k race for U.S. Marines and their families, a suspicious backpack was spotted atop a municipal garbage can. It contained a bomb that prematurely exploded, the investigation was quickly turned over to the FBI.


Photo released by Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office

At a Minnesota mall, Saturday,  a man dressed as a security guard stabbed nine people, Isis claimed responsibility for the attacks. Saturday evening, a bomb exploded in Chelsea, Manhattan injuring 29 people.  Monday morning in Elizabeth, N.J. near the train station another backpack was found containing five explosives. The FBI sent in two bomb squad robots to disarm it. The bomb exploded during the attempt blowing up one robot and blew off the arm of the other robot, this was certainly an intense weekend.

The local police, State police, and FBI did an outstanding job at protecting citizens and capturing a suspect associated with all the bombings Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Afghan descent.


photo Fox 5 news

Someone responding to a news reporter said, “This is the new normal for America!” N.J. Governor Christie, responding to the Seaside bombing said, it is not a time to be intimidated and fearful.  It is easy to become fearful from the events this past weekend especially when these developments often happened abroad and now is in our back yard. We must remember that although 29 people were injured they were all released from the hospital and there were no casualties; the plans were foiled. This is NOT a time to be intimidated and fearful, afraid to have fun and travel. We need to continue living our lives as we normally do and trust more in God.

This morning at mass I noticed as I did after the 9-11 attacks there were double the amount of people in attendance. The Rosary before Mass and Divine Mercy Chaplet after mass was prayed more fervently. Leaving church I heard a few people comment how scared they had become and worried about the future. It is times like these we can find comfort in God’s promises and work on taming our anxieties and fears. Below are some links you may find helpful.


#5 Lessons to Move Through The Tough Times

5 encouraging bible verses of God’s promises


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