#7 Two- Steps To Happiness


A new year marks new beginnings with a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again. I’m not sure how you feel, but I can relate to the sentiment “I survived 2016, ” and I am thoroughly looking forward to what this new year will bring, I have high hopes. I won’t bore you with my reasons I will only say, that it was hard. I felt like I was beaten and knocked down in some sort of battle, I hadn’t anticipated.  Do you remember the story of Jacob? When Jacob was alone during the night, an angel (looking like a man) appeared and wrestled with him until daybreak. The angel struck him hard in his hip and wrenched it, but it didn’t slow Jacob down. They wrestled all night in combat until Jacob demanded a blessing from the angel. The angel told him his name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because he has struggled with God and with humans and has overcome, then he blessed him. I guess you can say I feel little like Jacob, I gave a good fight and have overcome but, it isn’t about the fight or the fall. It’s about the recovery.

There isn’t a single person on this planet that doesn’t have to deal with crap, sickness, disease, death, loss, addictions, disappointments, and so on. Some of us have so much of something that we wrestle with it until it knocks us down


But….maybe, getting pushed down is where we are meant to be. Maybe there is something down there we need to see or meet. We might not have seen it any other way if we weren’t forced to confront it face to face. Whatever it is you had to face in 2016, like me, you’ve survived it and as I said before it’s not about the battle but, the recovery. How will you recover and enter 2017? Have you made resolutions? I don’t like to make resolutions because I don’t often keep them and I usually forget what it is I promised myself and then feel disappointed because I expected more than I was able to deliver. This year I am trying something new, I call it the two-step to happiness. Two steps because, when you find yourself on the ground it takes two steps to get back up. Won’t you try with me these #7 two-steps to happiness one step at a time? step-by-step

If you noticed in my last paragraph, there were a lot of I’s. I don’t like, I don’t often, I promised, I expected, I was, I am, I call, too many I’s, so our #1 is

  1. Think Less Of Yourself when you find yourself focused too much on YOU do something nice for someone else. Just do it! Pick up the phone, make a visit, send a basket of goodies, make a donation, check on a neighbor, anything, but do something nice for someone.
  2. Give Yourself More QUIET for ten minutes shut the t.v., turn off the radio, keep your phone in your pocket or purse, but tune out and relish the silence. Listen for sounds of nature or God speaking to you or nothing at all, just be. 
  3. Be Positive look for the good, think for the best, counter a negative with a positive, naming 3 things you are grateful for a day reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. 
  4. Walk More walking is proven to be a stress reliever, an anger suppressor, and a way to clear your thoughts not to mention it makes you healthy and tone. You don’t have to walk far start by walking around the block or down the street and remember to wave hi to your neighbors.The benefits of walking
  5. Read even if it is for ten minutes a day. It will sharpen your mind, you will gain knowledge, and expand your vocabulary and much more. Try an autobiography and learn how someone else was able to change their life for the better. Learn techniques and new resources the possibilities are endless. The benefits of reading
  6. Eat More Vegetables adding vegetables to two meals a day can make a significant different to your health and moods. If you don’t like eating vegetables add them to a smoothy or hide them in your cooked meals, but add them and don’t forget a daily vitamin. The benefits of eating vegetables    
  7. Get More Sleep I thought getting more sleep was easier said than done until I read the benefits from putting a Himalayan salt lamp  11 Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp and an aloe vera plant Plants in your bedroom that help you sleep in my room. I was skeptical at first, but the results for me were dramatic, and I highly recommend them. It took about a week to work, and at first, the lamp made me nauseous until I lowered the light to find dim at night and raised it high during the day and then it worked.  The benefits of sleep

Let me know how you make out in 2017 and if you’ve found these steps helpful. I’ve been doing them every day for some time now and have definitely noticed a positive difference, which is why I am sharing them with you.

Peace, love, and blessings for the New Year


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